4-H Youth Development

Mark Mains, Ph. D.

Board Member

Mark Mains is Assistant Director of 4-H Youth Development in the University of Kentucky’s, College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment.  Kentucky 4-H provides high-quality educational programming focused on providing youth with opportunities to develop belonging, independence, mastery, and generosity.  4-H programs are conducted in every one of Kentucky’s 120 counties by a staff of over 144 dedicated 4-H professionals.

Mains comes to the board as a life-long 4-H member, extension employee, and University of Kentucky supporter.  Mains was a member of the “Captain Clovers” 4-H club growing up in Kenton County where he did a variety of projects and activities but focused on rabbits, horticulture, and photography.  He credits his parents, Milton and Cathy, for being instrumental in introducing him to the opportunities that 4-H officers.  After completing his Bachelor’s at the University of Kentucky, Mains worked as a 4-H agent in Kenton County for five years before moving to the state role of Extension Specialist for 4-H Youth Development.

As an Extension Specialist, Mains worked with leadership and teen programs.  Through his efforts and the support of 4-H agents, Mains created a middle school conference involving 600 youth annually, doubled the numbers of 4-H Teen Conference participants, and made significant efforts to revise the 4-H State Officer election process.  Mains is most proud of the many excellent 4-H officers with whom he worked who have gone on to be dedicated 4-H supporters.

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