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Alumni Spotlight: Jacqueline Rogers

Posted: September 17, 2016

By:  Paige Hart

The Rogers family at Charles and Jacqueline’s 60th wedding anniversary, daughter Lorie North, the late Charles B. Rogers, son Keith, and Jacqueline.

Ms. Jacqueline S. Rogers, formerly a Caldwell County 4-H member, is the September Alumni Spotlight. She had a long extension career and is the retired Family and Consumer Science agent for Hardin County. She now loves spending time with her children and volunteering at the Hardin County History Museum. She still has an interest in clothing and loves the cultural art of the quilt patterns.

She first got her start in 4-H in the clothing project and remembers the pride from making her first apron. Jacqueline taught the youth of her county the importance of sewing. She fondly remembers the summer that she had nine girls involved with her junior leadership project in sewing. She showed the young girls how to use a feed sack as a repurposed material for a dress. 4-H helped to instill in her the skill of creativity and hard work.

Newspaper article from 1964

She attended National 4-H Congress in Chicago on her clothing record book in the late 1940’s. Looking back, Jacqueline recalled the biggest issue at the conference was if the United States should admit Alaska and Hawaii to the union. Just as the United States changed and grown, so has 4-H. When thinking of the ways the 4-H program has changed, Jacqueline reflected, “I find the clothing has much easier styles and patterns,” which is due to her extension background and experience helping the youth with sewing projects for generations, I am sure. One of her biggest accomplishments was when she won a sewing machine at the State Fair for her tailored suit.

Through her involvement with 4-H and the clothing program, she went on to major in Home Economics at the University of Kentucky. She then went on to be the FCS agent in Hardin County. She recalls warmhearted memories of when she was an agent and Hardin County 4-H’ers would stop by her home. “They would always pop by our house. I love hearing stories now from their recollections when they come out and go hunting or get help on a sewing project.”

Photo from the National Home Demonstration Agent’s Association annual meeting in Washington DC in November 1964. That is mom on the front row on the right, dad is standing behind her.

Photo from the National Home Demonstration Agent’s Association annual meeting in Washington DC in November 1964. That is mom on the front row on the right, dad is standing behind her.

Jacqueline is most proud of her children’s involvement with 4-H and their success in life due to the foundation that 4-H laid for them. She enjoyed attending the 4-H Homecoming this past year to reminisce about 4-H. She is also proud to help support youth to have opportunities to be involved with 4-H across the commonwealth. “4-H means a future for a lot of young people. With 4-H and motivation, it can take youth places and help develop them into the people they are today.” 4-H has a bright future with a supporter like Jacqueline behind us.

If you know any outstanding 4-H alumni members and want to have his or her story shared, be sure to nominate them for our Alumni Spotlight. You can nominate them by sending a brief email highlighting his or her involvement and contributions to Kentucky 4-H, as well as his or her contact information to our Social Media Director, Paige Hart, at paige.hart02@yahoo.com. Kentucky 4-H has long had a significant impact not only on the development of our youth, but also on the Commonwealth at large. This is our opportunity to highlight those who have helped make this impact possible. We look forward to another great year of showcasing so many of our fantastic members who have embodied our pledge and motto. As we make the best better, we say, “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for my Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.”



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