4-H Youth Development


Below are a sampling of testimonials from Kentucky 4-H alumni and friends, sharing exactly what 4-H means to them and why it is important to support the Foundation in giving back to the 4-H Program.

If you would like to share your testimonial with us, contact Keith Rogers. Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel or the 4-H Fridays archive page where we share video testimonials, photos, quotes, and more from Kentucky 4-H alumni every Friday (below is a sample 4-H Friday web video from 4-H alumna Kristi Heasley, published December 28, 2012).

“4-H provides a wonderful opportunity for young people to develop the confidence and leadership skills necessary to be successful.”

David S. Beck, Executive Vice President of Kentucky Farm Bureau; 4-H Foundation Board Member

“4-H was very influential in my development. It gave me opportunities to develop leadership skills and the confidence to set and achieve ambitious goals.”

– Dr. Beth Dickey, State 4-H President, 1987-1988

“An incredible base to teach me leadership, working with people, working with a purpose, how to appreciate people…4-H was a huge factor in shaping my life.”

– Brent Hutchinson, State 4-H Vice President, 1993-1994; Lawrence County 4-H Member, 1983-2000

“4-H has greatly impacted my life! It helped me make my decision to attend UK. I loved being on the State Teen Council and serving as a state 4-H officer. Without 4-H, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. I love to hear the kids in the office or at the barn say they are a part of 4-H.”

– Rebecca (Jackson) Reed, State 4-H President, 1999-2000; Shelby County 4-H Member, 1991-2000

“4-H was most important in helping to develop life skills. I still use what I learned in my electric and tractor maintenance projects. As a military officer and now Senator, I constantly use my speaking skills that I used giving demonstrations. Also, 4-H offers the great value of developing friendships and working with people to accomplish goals and objectives.”

– State Senator Ernie Harris, State 4-H President, 1965-1966

“Kentucky 4-H has taught me so much! Through youth development I have learned responsibility, leadership, and much, much more. I have gone from a young camper at age nine to a 4-H alumni. Thanks to all who have brought me this far!”

– Richard Mason, State 4-H Vice President, 2008-2009

“4-H provides the opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to learn a new skill to not only better themselves but potentially their community as well.”

– C. Miguel Carlin, State 4-H Vice President, 2002-2003

“The number one reason everyone should join 4-H is because you will meet people you never dreamed of, do things you could never imagine, overcome the impossible, and believe in yourself.”