4-H Youth Development

Agricultural Mini-Grants


Kentucky 4-H Foundation – Agriculture Mini-Grant Program

Supported by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund Endowment

Summary: The Agriculture Mini-Grant Program is for county and club level projects and activities that are agriculture-related.  Grants will be provided for, but not limited to – pilot and existing programs, new innovative projects, purchase of curriculum, educational tools/equipment, and volunteer training.  The grants will require a dollar for dollar cash match, in-kind match will not be accepted.

Eligibility: Projects or activities related to agriculture – any County 4-H Council, 4-H Club, volunteer leader or Extension Agent may submit an application, but all applications require the County 4-H Agent’s signature and approval.  If multiple applications are submitted from a County, the 4-H Agent is asked to rank the applications so the selection committee will know the County’s priorities.

For this program “related to agriculture” is defined as: Any project or activity that involves 4-H members in learning about agriculture production, marketing, processing, career opportunities, or career preparation.  Also includes projects that strengthen the 4-H members understanding of agriculture and its role in the economy and society, from beginning to advanced levels.

Maximum grant amount: $1,000.00 (there is no minimum amount)

Timeline for grant funding:

Deadline for applications: October 20, 2017

Announce funded projects by : November 15, 2017

Grant funds mailed to grantees:  Early December 2017

Projects/Activities to be completed by: August 31, 2018

Reports due: September 15, 2018

Selection will be based on the following priorities:

  • First priority will be given to new, innovative, and pilot projects or activities.
  • Existing programs will be considered based on financial need.
  • Resources or infrastructure that can be used long-term will be considered based on financial need.
  • Prior grant reports have met the reporting requirements and deadlines.

Long-term plans: It’s the intent of the Kentucky 4-H Foundation for this grant program to be an annual funding opportunity to run with the 4-H program year (September 1 to August 31).

Selection: The Kentucky 4-H Foundation will appoint a selection committee to review applications and select grantees.  Decisions by the committee are final.

Amount of funds available: The Kentucky 4-H Foundation will provide $35,000 for the 2017-2018 Agriculture Mini-Grant Program.  Future amounts will be determined by the 4-H Foundation during its budget process each November.

Reporting: The reporting form will be available in the fall of 2018.  Applicants or County 4-H programs that received an Agriculture Mini-Grant in 2016/2017 will not be eligible until all reports are current and accepted by the 4-H Foundation.



What kinds of projects can be funded?  The 4-H Foundation is looking to 4-H members, Agents, and volunteer leaders to help identify programs or activities that can be supported by this grant program.  You are encouraged to think creatively and be innovative in proposing funding opportunities.  If it’s related to agriculture and will benefit 4-H members in learning about or exploring agriculture, we are interested in including it in this program.

What is the maximum amount of the grant The maximum amount of each grant is $1,000.  County’s may submit more than one application and receive more than one grant.  If multiple applications are submitted from a County, the 4-H Agent is asked to rank the applications so the selection committee will know the County’s priorities.  Adjustments to the amount and policy of the grant program will be considered in future years based on feedback from the 4-H program.

Matching funds: All grant funds shall be matched dollar for dollar with cash, in-kind and staff or volunteer time will not be considered as a match.  The source of all matching funds must be identified in the application and confirmed on the grant report.  Registration fees or other items paid for by 4-H members can be used as a match but must be included on the application and documented for reporting purposes.

Partial funding The Kentucky 4-H Foundation and selection committee will consider partial funding of an application if circumstances warrant.  Whether this policy continues in future years will depend on feedback and input from the 4-H program.

What happens to remaining funds after the project is completed?  Funds should only be used for the purpose identified in the application and proposed budget.  Should funds remain after the project is completed, they are to be returned to the Kentucky 4-H Foundation for re-distribution in future agriculture mini-grant funding cycles.  The Kentucky 4-H Foundation is required to provide an annual report to the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board on the use of these funds. Therefore any use of the grant funds for other purposes could violate the agreement governing the endowment.

What won’t be funded?  At this time, it’s difficult to answer this question, however as proposals or ideas are submitted, the Foundation will compile a list of programs or activities that will not be considered.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Melissa G. Miller to discuss an idea before completing an application if you have questions about its eligibility (email: melissag.miller@uky.edu or cell phone at 859-618-9788).

Reports? A report will be required for all funded projects; the reporting form will be available in the fall of 2018.  The report form will be designed to evaluate the funded project, confirm the use of the funding, and to complete the annual report the Kentucky 4-H Foundation is required to submit to the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board.

Suggestions to assist you with the grant program

  • This can be the opportunity you have been looking for to approach a farm implement dealer, farm supply store, or agri-business in your county to support your 4-H program. Why not ask them to provide the matching funds for this grant and if appropriate involve them in the project or activity.
  • Do you have a group in your county that wants to apply for this grant, but does not have the match? Why not work out a deal with them to provide and man a display at a Tractor Supply Company (TSC) store during the TSC Paper Clover promotion or organize a Kentucky Ag Tag promotional event and in return, have your County 4-H Council set-a-side funding for these programs to support their grant application.