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KY Ag Tag Voluntary Donations Soar

The Kentucky 4-H Foundation is excited to announce the results of the 2017 Ag Tag Campaign. Ag Tag donations go directly towards assisting Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Programs in counties across the Commonwealth.  Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture, Ryan Quarles, presented the Kentucky 4-H Foundation with a check for $209,955.14 during our Annual Appreciation Breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair. Total donations to the Ag Tag program for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, amounted to $629,865.43, setting a record for the largest amount donated since the program began.

“This number is a testament to the giving spirit of farmers all over the state and demonstrates the support Kentuckians have for Kentucky 4-H, Kentucky FFA, and Kentucky’s agriculture community.” Commissioner Quarles said.  “We’re grateful to everyone who gave to the ‘ag tag’ program.”

The 4-H portion of the donation is split between the counties where the funds originated and the Kentucky 4-H Foundation, meaning 50% of all donations stay in the county to fund local 4-H programs and activities for the youth in the community.  The Foundation’s share is used to support state-level programs that many 4-H members participate in, ensuring that 4-H remains a vital center of excellence in the Commonwealth.

All 120 counties in Kentucky have 4-H programs, and all counties receive a portion of the support from the Ag Tag program.  Through the support of our agriculture community, fourteen counties raised over $10,000 and five counties had over an 80% participation rate.  Total donations for this fiscal year increased $77,152.59, nearly fourteen percent, over last fiscal year.

The top ten counties in total donations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 are:

Here are the top 10 counties in total donations for 2017.

  1. Warren – $30,471.00
  2. Logan – $24,648.00
  3. Hardin – $22,520.00
  4. Daviess – $21,050.00
  5. Muhlenberg – $15,350.00
  6. Fayette – $15,250.00
  7. Nelson – $14,100.00
  8. Jessamine – $13,130.00
  9. Franklin – $12,340.00
  10. Pulaski – $11,610.00

Since 2012, Kentucky farmers have the option to make a $10.00 voluntary donation when they purchase or renew their farm license plate.  The voluntary donations are divided equally among Kentucky 4-H, Kentucky FFA and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  As an individual that makes the voluntary donation for your farm vehicle, you help 4-H grow true leaders, advance agricultural education and promote Kentucky farm products.

The Foundation would like to say THANK YOU to Commissioner Ryan Quarles for his support of the Ag Tag program, and to all those who made the $10 donation.  By participating in the Ag Tag program you are supporting the Growth of True Leaders through 4-H Clubs across the Commonwealth.

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