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KY Ag Tag Voluntary Donation

2016-state-fair-breakfast-6080The Kentucky 4-H Foundation is proud to be part of the Ag Tag Voluntary Donation Program. When renewing their license plates, Kentucky farmers can make a $10 donation which is split equally among Kentucky 4-H, FFA, and Kentucky Proud. This year is the fifth year for the program and the 4-H Foundation asks all farmers to make the donation when they renew their farm license plates in March.

The 4-H share for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, was $184,237. These funds benefit all levels of Kentucky 4-H. The Kentucky 4-H Foundation splits the donations equally between the county from which the funds originated and the Foundation itself. The Foundation uses its half to support state level programs. The other half supports county programs where the donation originated, making this a great opportunity for local 4-H Councils, Clubs, and members to increase financial support for their program.

Here are the top 5 counties in total donations for 2016.

  1. Warren – $26,590.00
  2. Hardin – $21,180.00
  3. Daviess – $20,120.00
  4. Logan – $18,280.00
  5. Fayette- $15,130.00

Here are the top 10 counties as a percentage of farm licenses sold and renewed in the county for 2016.

  1. Martin 88.76%
  2. Kenton 84.77%
  3. Breathitt 82.99%
  4. Muhlenberg 75.77%
  5. Fayette 78.97%

 Voluntary Donation Program: Key Documents

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