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Today is the day Kentucky – Ag Tag Season Is Here!

Posted: March 1, 2017

Support the Triple Crown of Kentucky Agriculture This March

Every March, when farmers across the Commonwealth renew their farm license plate, they have the opportunity to make a $10 donation that benefits the “Triple Crown” of Kentucky Agriculture: 4-H, FFA, and Kentucky Proud. When they participate, a third of every $10 ‘Ag Tag’ donation goes directly back to 4-H, supporting programs at both the county and state level. 

In 2016, Kentucky farmers donated $552,71 through the Ag Tag program. Of this total, $184,237 benefitted Kentucky 4-H and was split 50/50 between the Kentucky 4-H Foundation and the counties from which the donations came. These dollars directly impact the lives of 4-H’ers by funding scholarships to camp, educational trips, and innovative programs, all of which are instrumental in growing true leaders in Kentucky. Farmers, your Ag Tag donations make a difference every day across the Commonwealth! Thank you.

But, you don’t need to be a farmer to support the Ag Tag Program. Below are just a few ways you can support 4-H through the Ag Tag Program.

  • Visit your local County Clerk’s office and tell them about how much 4-H means to you and how their promotion of the Ag Tag donation truly makes a difference.
  • Share a story about how 4-H has changed you or your child’s life with the farmers you know, and tell them how their donation directly contributes to the success of 4-H’ers.
  • Contact your local 4-H agent and offer your support.
  • Spread the word – post, like, and share about the Ag Tag campaign on social media!

 This year’s Ag Tag poster features Triple Crown winner American Pharoah, who achieved historic greatness in 2015, and in the same fashion, your donation to the Ag Tag Fund is a Triple Crown winner for Kentucky’s future greatness. Please support Kentucky 4-H by making a voluntary donation to the 2017 Ag Tag fund and promoting the Ag Tag program in your local community. Together we can make this years Ag Tag program the greatest yet! 

For more information, please contact Kentucky 4-H Foundation Executive Director, Melissa Miller at melissag.miller@uky.edu or by phone 270.401.8110.



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